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*prices  vary $110-$165*

You must get a clinical evaluation before or after you complete DUI School. This clinical evaluation is different from the assessment questionnaire you completed at the Risk Reduction Program. The Evaluator is a substance abuse professional who will interview you in person. If available, he/she will have the results of your assessment survey from the DUI School to review before meeting with you. The Risk Reduction Program will provide you with the registry from the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) listing all approved Evaluators in your area. You may choose any Evaluator on the registry.

After you choose an Evaluator, you will need to sign a Release of Information form and pay up to a $25.00 transfer fee so that the Risk Reduction Program can send a copy of your assessment to the Evaluator.


The costs for each Evaluator are listed on the registry, and start at $110.00. Some Risk Reduction Programs may have a Clinical Evaluator available, but you are NOT required to get your clinical evaluation at their facility.


After completing the clinical evaluation, the Evaluator may recommend that you attend a Treatment Program. The Clinical Evaluation


NOTE: To be eligible for driver’s license reinstatement, you have to go to a Clinical Evaluator and Treatment Provider that are on the DBHDD-approved registry.


Telehealth Offered*