OUR Mission

Our mission is to guide those individuals struggling with addictions toward a path of lasting sobriety by providing them with the necessary tools to enhance their Skills, so they will develop a healthy and productive Attitude, and acquire the Knowledge necessary to make “Low Risk” choices.  


We believe that addiction is a chronic disease and in order to support continued recovery and sobriety, addiction must be treated in a long-term continuum of care that addresses not just the symptoms of substance use disorder but the underlying causes, conditions, behaviors, attitudes, values, family dynamics, purpose and direction of each individual. 


OUR GOAL                                                                                                      

Utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, S.A.K. DUI & DRIVER IMPROVEMENT is committed to improving the lives of individuals living with the devastating effects of drug addiction, and lessening the adverse impact on their families and society, by providing a variety of supportive treatment modalities presented by a qualified, caring and supportive staff of certified professionals.

To demonstrate integrity and the highest standards of ethical practice in every aspect of our organization. Take responsibility for our actions and obligations, as a treatment provider by engaging in open and honest communication, fairness and equitable treatment of every client, family member, and everyone with whom we interact.


To provide our clients with both individual counseling sessions and group therapy, to have participants work on developing an awareness of their negative behaviors and the triggers which contributed to their self-destructive actions.  Once those negative behaviors have been identified, individuals in our programs are required to set goals for themselves for that new person free of addictions they want to become and what they hope to achieve in the future maintaining their sobriety. 


Cultivate an environment that empowers self-direction, creativity, and courage in response to the needs of our clients, the community we serve and our staff.

Partnering with Henry County DUI/DRUG Accountability Court; Connecting Henry (Chair. Board of Directors); Preventing Child Abuse (Board Member); Shiloh Baptist Church (Board Member) (Leadership Henry Class of 2018-2019) and other Community Agencies working together as a team to achieve common goals, and seek internal and external opportunities for collaboration.


  • INTERGITY – Taking personal responsibility for ensuring the highest standards of professional conduct with each other and with our clients.

  • Continuing to evaluate our services and processes to ensure we are providing our clients with professional, caring, innovating service.

  • DIVERSITY - Recognize and celebrate the unique differences of all individuals and respect the cultural diversity of our staff, clients and the communities we serve. 

  • COLLABORATION and TEAMWORK - We are committed to continuing to collaborate with other entities in the community, building and maintaining effective relationships in order to achieve mutually beneficial objectives.

  • CONTINUED LEARNING - We view change as an exciting opportunity and embrace opportunities to acquire new knowledge and learn new skills by continued education, workshops and training seminars.

  • CLIENT CENTERED - We are committed to providing accessible and relevant service to our clients in the communities where they live.

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